Project Description

Michele was starting up a completely new concept and needed a website to showcase it. The logo was provided with really fresh vibrant colors. Her company CanDoIQ is dedicated to teaching life skills through fun, targeted, interactive technology to simplify concepts including car ownership, insurance, credit, taxes, and everyday requirements for being fiscally responsible.  What a fantastic idea!  I was thrilled to be a part of this new concept and worked hard to design and develop a website that reflects the founder’s personality and fits with the target audience. The character on the website, Winston, based on a real pig actually, was illustrated by Joven Delay, a SCAD (Savannah College Art of Design) second year student.

It was a real pleasure for me to work with Michele and I really wish her well in her business!

You can view the finished website here.

“Beverley is an amazing partner who helps you build not only a website, but a brand as well. She is incredibly well informed on how websites are responsive to various devices, google analytics, privacy requirements, graphic utilization, latest trends, hosting and overall functionality. I would highly recommend her not only for her website savvy and business acumen, but also because she is fun and easy to work with, especially in this remote world. I award her 10 stars out of 5.”
Michele, CanDoIQ