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Zabotin College Counseling


Nicole approached me for a website redesign and I was thrilled! I had the pleasure of working with her on her previous website several years ago and well, time passes and styles change and it was time for a makeover. We started with the logo redesign first and incorporated a beautiful teal which paired [...]

Money Matters with SK


Susannah needed a logo and website for her new business. She offers client centered coaching/consultations around money matters and needed a logo and website that showed how she partners with clients and empowers then to view money as a tool to generate lives filled with a strong sense of self-worth. We got started with [...]

Bellalu Dog Training


Jenn,  a people trainer for dogs, started her new business Bellalu Dog Training. She needed a logo and a website. We got started with the logo first and I quickly realized that Jenn really liked green. We quickly picked that bright green and the design naturally followed. She only needed a one-page website, with [...]

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