Project Description

I’ve worked with Scott at Sunrise Heating & Cooling for many years.  In fact I coded his first website in Dreamweaver back in the day when html websites were all there was.  I just recently contacted him and we discussed the need to create a new website that would be viewable across all devices.  He agreed and the new website is now live.  The website was designed to attract new business and provide information about the different services they provide.   The logo colors were used as a basis for the site, the bright yellow contrasting with a subdued grey.

At the end of the project I trained Scott on how to update his WordPress website himself.  Turnaround time for this whole project was about 4 weeks!

You can view the finished website here.

“A great eye for detail, highly responsive and a real pleasure to work with. We value Beverley as a true partner. She is highly recommended”.