Project Description

Creating a WordPress website for Port Washington VFW is all about making it a friendly and informative spot for veterans and the community. The site is super easy to navigate, letting visitors quickly find details on events, services, and how to support. With its clean design and straightforward menus, anyone can easily access resources, check out the event calendar, and catch up on the latest news.

The site’s visual elements really bring out the patriotic spirit and honor veterans. Using red, and gold colors along with meaningful imagery, the website feels both welcoming and respectful. Plus, with interactive features like newsletter sign-ups and donation forms, it’s simple for visitors to get involved and support the VFW’s mission. Overall, the WordPress design makes the site not only functional but also a great online hub that strengthens the sense of community for veterans and their supporters.

I feel very fortunate to have worked with a wonderful team at Post 1819 and thoroughly enjoyed this project!

You can view the finished website here.

“Bev has just completed a beautiful and so very easy to use website for our VFW Post 1819 in Port Washington, NY. Our new site is now receiving a great deal of positive attention and praise. Plus, because of it new donations to us are arriving daily. As our post’s main contact with Bev and knowing zero about the web, Bev was incredibly patient with me answering my questions with lighting speed and accuracy. Bev carefully coached us on how to compose our important content for the site, then upon receiving it, she graphically (with great skill) inserted this material giving it prominent visibility. After completing her work for us, Bev then told us that she is not going away and offered us additional help whenever needed. I cannot say enough good things about Beverly Designs. With Bev’s kind demeanor, design and technical talents, all of us at our post say –” if you are in need of a web designer, immediately contact Beverley Delay and no other.”
Frederick B., Port Washington VFW