Project Description

Robin needed a new website and her talented sister artist created a complete original logo.  The website needed to reflect the “artistic” quality of the logo with elements of nature within the design.  I worked live with Robin via Skype a few times to get the site just right.

It was a joy to work with Robin and I wish her well in her business!

You can view the finished website here.

“A trusted friend and successful businesswoman recommended Beverley to me over two years ago. I waited that long to contact her because I consider my website an intimate extension of myself. I wanted to ensure that I worked with a web designer who could intuit that intention and skillfully create a piece of work that conveyed it to future clients.

I knew Beverley was that person from our first phone call! Her genuine interest, enthusiasm, and care for my mission never wavered. Her business sense, competency, and meticulous attention to detail are unparalleled. Beverley is, by far, one of the most integral and professional individuals with whom I have ever worked.

To top it off, she has a consistent, even, and fun disposition, which calmed my nerves and made the whole collaboration an absolute joy. If you need to recalibrate an existing website design or create a brand new one, run, don’t walk, to Beverley. Her work will enliven all aspects of your creative life and illuminate your business. “