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Money Matters with SK


Susannah needed a logo and website for her new business. She offers client centered coaching/consultations around money matters and needed a logo and website that showed how she partners with clients and empowers then to view money as a tool to generate lives filled with a strong sense of self-worth. We got started with [...]



Michele was starting up a completely new concept and needed a website to showcase it. The logo was provided with really fresh vibrant colors. Her company CanDoIQ is dedicated to teaching life skills through fun, targeted, interactive technology to simplify concepts including car ownership, insurance, credit, taxes, and everyday requirements for being fiscally responsible.  What [...]

Ici et là creations


Frederique needed a new website for her startup online business.  We started with the logo and it was evident from the start that a logo that looked "artisanal" was needed to match the hand sewn products.  It was tricky to find the right color so we went with 5 different color options for the logo [...]

MVP Executive Search & Development


Mary needed a website and a new company logo.  I was lucky enough to have worked with her on her first website but after a few years it was time for a change.  What's more, her business had developed and the team had grown. We kept the same color scheme as the first site; [...]

Yoga Food & Mood


I designed and built Samantha's first website in html using Dreamweaver, this was before mobile websites were necessary.  I just redesigned Samantha's site in WordPress and it is now fully responsive.  As it was a whole new site, we took advantage of this opportunity to redesign a logo that captured yoga in a contemporary [...]

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