Project Description

Lori, a Health & Wellness Coach, needed a website, logo and business cards.  I started with her logo and it was clear from the get go that a heart was needed in the design due to the company name.  Lori, who is also an artist, has an eye for color and was quite specific on the 3 colors that could be used on the website and also the logo; purple, blue and orange.  The logo design was key to getting across Lori’s warm and professional personality.  We worked on the website together over weekly Zoom sessions; she would send me copy for the site and we would review it over Zoom and tweak it here and there.  It was joy to work with Lori and I hope to work with her again soon on another website for her other business!

You can view the finished website here.

“I feel like I died and went to heaven!?!?!  I don’t think I’ve ever worked with someone as amazing and thorough as you. I’m feeling so blessed I could cry … not kidding!!! You are freaking incredible”
Lori Daniel Falk, Head2Heart Healing