Project Description

Frederique needed a new website for her startup online business.  We started with the logo and it was evident from the start that a logo that looked “artisanal” was needed to match the hand sewn products.  It was tricky to find the right color so we went with 5 different color options for the logo that can be used according to the packaging needs. Next came the business cards, with the floral background, reminiscent of liberty prints and complimentary to the hand sewn theme.  The eCommerce website needed to reflect the quality of the products and feel fresh, simple and beautiful to really showcase the creations.

It was a true joy to work with Frederique and I really LOVED working with her on this project. I wish her well in her business!

You can view the finished website here.

“Beverley is an incredible hard worker, extremely rigorous and her enthusiasm and good humor are fantastic. I loved working with her, she made things so easy and light that it was a pleasure from beginning to end. I highly recommend!”