Project Description

Pascale, a local yoga instructor, needed a website, logo and business cards.  We started with the logo, that was the easy part.  She loved a photo she had of a yoga pose she did on a favorite beach and so I took that image and created a silhouette out of it!  She loved it!  Pascale listened to my advice and hired an excellent photographer that came to her home to do a photo shoot of her in various yoga positions.  Good quality images really make a website and I was thrilled with the results.  The colors she chose were easy, Pascale really liked the purple and the green on the site and they are very complimentary and gives a freshness to the design.  The business card was printed online by but designed by me.  In fact, I worked on it with Pascale sitting right next to me and we completed the card in all of 30 minutes!  We worked on the logo together and produced 2 different version to be used on merchandising and the website itself.

At the end of the project I trained Pascale on how to update her WordPress website herself.  Turnaround time for this whole project was about 3 weeks!

You can view the finished website here.

“It has been a real pleasure working with Beverley. She created a website that perfectly reflects the image I wanted to project.  She is a good listener, attentive and efficient.  I strongly recommend her.

Pascale Bernard, Yoga by Pascale