Zabotin College Counseling


Nicole approached me for a website redesign and I was thrilled! I had the pleasure of working with her on her previous website several years ago and well, time passes and styles change and it was time for a makeover. We started with the logo redesign first and incorporated a beautiful teal which paired [...]

Money Matters with SK


Susannah needed a logo and website for her new business. She offers client centered coaching/consultations around money matters and needed a logo and website that showed how she partners with clients and empowers then to view money as a tool to generate lives filled with a strong sense of self-worth. We got started with [...]

Bellalu Dog Training


Jenn,  a people trainer for dogs, started her new business Bellalu Dog Training. She needed a logo and a website. We got started with the logo first and I quickly realized that Jenn really liked green. We quickly picked that bright green and the design naturally followed. She only needed a one-page website, with [...]

Alana Benjamin Group


Alana Benjamin, a highly-skilled real estate broker in Port Washington, NY, required a new website. The new site needed to not only promote her current listings and past sales, but also provide information to new buyers, showcase "living in" pages with information on the local communities, and a section called "the buzz" for interesting [...]



Michele was starting up a completely new concept and needed a website to showcase it. The logo was provided with really fresh vibrant colors. Her company CanDoIQ is dedicated to teaching life skills through fun, targeted, interactive technology to simplify concepts including car ownership, insurance, credit, taxes, and everyday requirements for being fiscally responsible.  What [...]

Hospital de la Familia Foundation


Hospital de la Familia Foundation (HdlFF) needed a full website redesign.  Their existing logo was a little pixelated and needed a refresh.  I tweaked the logo with traditional Guatemalan colors and gave it a new dimension, in both vertical and horizontal formats.  The foundation is a non-profit organization and needed to showcase the important work [...]

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